Les dossiers 1090/40

Complete refit

Patrik nous avait montré le renouveau donné à la coque de son 1090, ainsi que l'implantation d'un gréement tout à fait nouveau, dans cet article.

Dans ce nouvel article, il nous montre le travail énorme effectué sur l'intérieur et le pont de son 1090.

Patrik est suédois, alors si vous voulez lui poser des questions, faites le en anglais.

DSC 0303360DSC 0303b360

Nouveau pied de mât:

DSC 0313360DSC 0313b360

The new Windows look awsome on the boat I think. They are made pretty close to were I live and now they have all the measurements for the Feeling 1090 If anyone else should need new ones it should be cheeper than what i paid! I chosed stainless Steel on the outside and aluminium on the inside and paid around 3 000 euro approxmently for six Windows.
And the new dorade boxes is in place to, look pretty fine!

DSC 0017360DSC 0016360

DSC 0014360DSC 0012360

Un nouveau taquet avant:

DSC 0278360DSC 0335360DSC 0279360

et la modification des filières et chandeliers:

DSC 0279b360DSC 0280360

Le renfort des couples, après leur mise à nu:

DSC 0245360DSC 0245b360DSC 0296360DSC 0379360DSC 0395360


DSC 0403360DSC 0403b360

DSC 0407360DSC 0407b360

Attention, l'épontille de mât est fissurée:

DSC 0261360DSC 0261b360

Renfort inox sous le roof, puisque l'écoute de grand voile n'est plus dans le cockpitt mais sur le roof:

DSC 0338360DSC 0338b360

Cette barre inox restera visible après la pose des vaigrages.

DSC 0340360DSC 0344360DSC 0344b360


DSC 0288360DSC 0290360

Le vernissage:

DSC 0237360DSC 0237b360

DSC 0393360DSC 0402360

Hello, now she is in the sea and I keep on getting the mast to sue but the cap shrouds and the lower shrouds are ok but furlexen is too long and a new backstay , I knew it was needed.

DSC 0035360DSC 0039360
And soon ready for sailing, will be interesting to see how she respons to the new mast and sails!

Patrik, s/y Cajelle.



#1 Patrik Zackrisson 23-06-2016 19:35
Thanks Gerard for the publishing!
Next week she will be in the sea I hope!? And some pictures of here then will come when the new mast is on place.
Happy midsommer to you all.
#2 GERARD 05-05-2017 11:43
Hello Patrik,
I got feedbacks and questions about your implementation of the main sail sheet track on the roof:
- After real sailing experience, is it strong enough, or would you do it a different way for improvment ?
- Did you test it already on a violent jibe or in strong wind ?
- How difficult is it to pull the main sheet, when beating or when jibing ?
Thanks for your experience,

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