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I have bought my boat in August 2019 as salvage on auction in Zadar (Croatia). I was planning to buy Jeanneau SO 24.2 in Spain for 10000e, but unfortunately someone bought it before me. After that a month passed by and I was sailing with my friends in Dalmatia (from Pakleni to Vis island in Croatia) and checking online auctions and found her. Luckily for me I won. On the way back I stopped in Zadar and checked her for the first time. She was gorgeous, Even though she was terrible. I have never imagined that I will go on holiday and come back as a proud owner of 10m sailboat.

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At home I need to arrange transport so Slovenia and the place where to put her. Luckily we have family friend who own a company with movable cranes and a lot of land. Everything was arranged and I was so happy, but unfortunately I needed to go to the hospital for abdominal problems. you can imagine my frustrations lying in hospital, knowing that your boat is on the way but you cannot be there. Thanks to my younger brother (also a keen sailor, and racer in Laser Radial class), that took care over her arrival to Vrhnika (Slovenia).

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Two days after her arrival I was sent home from hospital. I took a taxi to see her (40km in one way), that is how much I love this boat. After a week I finally started gaining my strength back so I can start working on her.

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First I removed all the rubbish from inside, after that I went home and started thinking what should be next and mainly HOW !?

At this point I need to say that previously I have owned a 7m sailboat with a single berth and without standing height. 

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And also that I am 26 years old, I know young and crazy.

Matevz, on Pacific to Rogoznica.