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Refit & new mast

Replacing the mast

There will be pushing spreaders in 18 degrees angle, but this is the thing , this mast is from a Hunter 35 that broke his mast 5 years ago and got a new one from the insurance company , they put a new mast one (e.g this selden one) on the boat and he sailed for one summer here in sweden and then he went ashore (or on ground) so they buried the boat and saved the mast so this mast has only been used for a couple of months,and then laying in this company for four years so i tought i might get it to fit on an old Feeling from -89, please make me wrong if you think this will not work out but i think it will!!



Note: 1kN = ~ 102 kg


I will need some help from a rigger to adjust wires and things when spring comes, The lower spreaders also need to be replaced they are about 10 cm to short if I use the old after schroud and I´m aiming for that, done some reenforcing with epoxy and glasfiber on the chainplate ,(don´t know if this is the right word)?. Röstjärn in swedish.

The main sheeting rail has I been really tired on always in the way when you want to sit comfortable so this will go on the cabin roof with a high beam rail, reenforced underneeth with carbon fiber and a stainless plate.


I also changed the angle and hight of the cockpit bench to make it more comfortable among a lot of other changes.

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Patrick, s/y Cajelle