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Lit d'appoint

Astucieux et en anglais : voici comment mettre en place un lit d’appoint sur un Feeling 920 :

We have created an extra sleeping place on the starboard side of the saloon, see attached photos

and then also replace the upholstery after 36 years we are very happy with it.


What i did is the following.

* measure length of sofa

* size between sword case and bench

* buy 9 mm waterproof plywood

* saw 2 sheets of 70cm by 40cm


* buy 4 pcs hinge lock bar

* 4 legs of hardwood 40 x40 mm I still had these in the shed

* saw out plywood with lip, make it wide enough so that you have good support, see photo


* with make 4 slots in the sofa at the same height as the shelves in the sofa itself so that the cushions are flush with slots 10 mm.


Fred sur Albatros