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SUJET : structure dérive et puits / Lifting Keel and centerboard-casing structure

structure dérive et puits / Lifting Keel and centerboard-casing structure 03 Avr 2019 17:27 #2440

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Ci dessous un message de Poul qui s'apprête à acquérir un F36. Il aimerait connaitre la structure et composition de la dérive et de son puits.
Merci de vos réponses.

Here below a message from Poul who hope buying soon a F36DI. He would like to know how are made leeft-keel and center board-casing.
Thanks for your answers.

I am in the proces of bying a 36 DI lift keel from 2001. This boat is very well maintained but was in the water 12 months per year. ( fresh water mainly)
I have agreement about the price with the current owner but we are going to do the technical inspection on shore shortly. When this inspection brings problems as osmosis or problems with the keel-construction then I have the opportunity to step out of the deal of course or discuss how to solve or improve it.
My biggest concern is the lift-keel construction and the inside of the centerboard-casing... Is this casing totally fiberglass or is here also steel inside....? In case of fiberglass there is change of osmosis inside I think... I have knowledge of ships and yachts because we owned a repairing-shipyard for several years but I don’t know how the Feeling is built up especially regarding the lift-keel construction and centerboard-casing.. I know it is a cast-iron bottom-plate but this is it...
Can anybody help me out? My mail is or mobile phone 0031 654294704.
Thank you in advance, Poul

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